All too often, important holidays that are statistically known to help boost church congregational growth, sneak up on church leaders and staff members, leaving their teams unprepared and unable to capitalize on turning church guests into church family.

Research done by shows that Mother’s Day is 3rd largest attended service for most churches. Major events like these, should be planned AT LEAST 2 or 3 months ahead of time to allow for adequate staff planning, budgeting, volunteer training, and for the creation, ordering, and the arrival of printed materials.

Now that Mother’s Day is over (except in my house) the real question becomes, how well did your team plan ahead and excute that plan? No matter how successful or unsuccessful, we can always improve!

Here is one of our sample project task list to help make future specials services like Mother’s Day a major success!



Planning and Collaboration

a) Create a checklist of all ideas, tasks and needed materials.

b) Select a point person or management team to keep the project on schedule.

c) Use a Project Manger App to track tasks effectively for each team member so nothing falls through the cracks! When it comes to project management software, there are plenty to choose from, but we’ve designed RocoCPM to be a project manager built specifically for the Church! Discover more about RocoCPM at here


a) Make sure that your church’s Service Time, Date and Location are clear and easy to locate on your website. Front page is the best location for this information. Need some ideas? Check out for a list of 30 great Website Templates for churches.

Social Media

a) Create a marketing campaign that appeals to your target demographic and location. Push the campaigned hard two weeks before the event date. Utilize infographs like this one from to see when the best time and days are to publish your social media post!

Print Material

a)  Invite Cards and flyers should complete the designed process at least a month before the event date to reduce the chances having to pay extra fees to your printing company because of a rush orders.  Miss prints and incorrect color accuracy do happen from time to time and if a reprint is needed you’ll be thankful that you planned ahead! 

So don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel! Get inspired and leverage the professional material available from across the web!  For great examples and templates for invite flyers check out

Service Programming

Avoid the temptation to think that there is an exact formula that works for every church when it comes to creating your service programming.  Instead, try to execute well on some of the more universal elements like the following which I call, the Big Three! …plus one 🙂

a) Well trained Greeters/Ushers

b) Free Gift for guest/mothers

c) A Worship Special

d) Follow up Plan


Remember, all these steps and more can be planned and managed within Roco Church Project Manger!  Assign a team member to each task, attached due dates, schedule reminders, and communicate fluidly throughout the process so that your event is executed at a high level! 

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