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Project Management is not a new concept and with the advancement in technology, every organization can benefit from the power of Project Management without having a certified project manager on staff thanks to the development of project management software. In fact, according to the Enterprise Project Management Survey1 a staggering 77% of all organizations now use project management software! The reason why is simple, these organizations are seeing an increase of communication by 52%, quality by 44% and in satisfaction by 38%!2 Now that’s a worthy investment.

Unfortunately project management software has yet to be embraced by the greatest organization in the world, The Church! Which causes you to wonder why? Why hasn’t the church embraced this technological revolution, especially when you consider the increase of overall communication and productivity? The answer is regrettably simple, cost!  Organizations spend an average of $861 a month on project management software.That is a cost that makes them unattainable for a majority of churches.

Now, I want to be clear here, because you may be thinking, ‘well our church uses a church management software (ChMS) like FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder or Breeze.’ That’s great and you should be using a ChMS but these are not project management software.

ChMS tools are focused on information and communication between the church administration and the people of the church. This information and communication includes personal contact info, team meetings, service opportunities, weekly bulletins, online giving, giving records and more.

RocoCPM a Free Premium Project Management Software

RocoCPM a Free Premium Project Management Software

A project management software is focused on productivity and communication between the church administration who are responsible for the daily, weekly and annual responsibilities of the church in a co-operative effort to accomplish the vision of the church. This is accomplished through such functions as the creation of projects and tasks that can be assigned to individuals, teams or departments with the ability to add due dates, priorities, comments, share files and so much more!

As someone who have been in a variety of ministries for over the past 12 years, I love the power and efficiency of a Church Management Software and yet I see the desperate need to fully equip those who are doing ministry properly so the church can thrive! Thankfully, now it is finally possible with the premium project management software, RocoCPM; the world’s first Church Project Management Software!

RocoCPM is a premium software designed by pastors and church staff, so it meets the demands of a church without being a burden on the budget because its FREE!! Think of the ROI for your church! Think of your church staff when they can spend more time doing ministry instead of working on how to make ministry happen! Think of the change in the atmosphere of the church office when communication and clarity of roles and goals are present! Now is the time for the church to join the productivity revolution with RocoCPM!


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