The First Ever
Church Project Manager

Managing Ministry Just Got Easier 🙂

The World First Church Project Manager!

Managing everything that goes into making a church work can be exhausting! Mismanagement of our teams usually leads to ministry burnout for volunteers, staff, and even Pastors. We have to do better!

The Church has many tools that help manage the information of its church attenders, but resources that assist the staff and leadership run the day to day operations of a church are almost non existent.

Well help has arrived! RocoCPM is the first ever Project Manager designed specifically for the Church world.


RocoCPM Makes Life in Ministry...Easier!

Built to Empower:



Inspired by Pastors to help Pastors manage the “To Do’s” of the Church by connecting them to their staff quickly and effectively.  RocoCPM will give Pastors a new boost in administration and team management that will make them wonder how they ever lead minstry without it!



RocoCPM will enable staff to quickly update their leadership and communicate with their volunteers.  Run your teams more effectively when communication and expectations are clearly defined easily accessible.



RocoCPM will bridge the gap between in-office staff and volunteers by creating a channel of communication where volunteers feel well connected and informed with church staff allowing ministry to flow feely and unhindered to the people.

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Tools to help you get the Job done!


Create and Manage Project and Task for both staff and volunteers. Quickly create task, attach due dates and reminders, and view progress of it all in a matter of moments.


Keep track of all the vendors that service your church. Store all their vital information like account numbers, address, phone number and even your main point of contact.  Even assign vendor ratings by there overall performance!


Our items module connects your vendors to all their items. Keep the information that matters most. Attach  websites, manage your inventory, even assign primary and secondly suppliers. Manage and protect the resources that your church uses, all in one place.


Get a better handle on all the purchase request coming from your team.  Staff and volunteers can request purchases and receive approval instantly from within RocoCPM.  Describe your request, attach receipts, and approve or deny a request in seconds.  All digital, no paper work needed.


Keep track of the churches and make sure staff can quickly stay on top of yearly and monthly expenses within their department and projects! Purchase Orders will automatically get deducted from a department budgets.  Notifications when a department approach or exceed their given limits will greatly improve spending awareness.


Collaborate with your team in real time from wherever you are with our built in chat system. Quickly Communicate to another team member, group, or an entire department without breaking your workflow.